The public’s attitudes toward Anime has gradually changed as Japanese Anime, and Eastern Asian anime in general expanded its influence into major line theaters in the past few years. No matter how much professionals and art lovers loath or admire the mingling of anime art and contemporary western art, anime art has made its mark on the Western contemporary art world.

“The Adventure Inside” — Oil on canvas by Aya Takano

Not so long ago, the art world still viewed Anime as a minor influence. Many would not consider Anime as a type of high-end art, in other words, fine-art, even if the work was done with traditional media.



I found this essay when I was cleaning up my laptop today. I made a few minor adjustments and edits but kept most of the essay as-is. I forgot how radical I used to be when it comes to art quality, and while I now appreciate a good, respectful criticism much more than I did back then, many of the points in this essay still fits my ideology, and that’s why I’m posting this as-is. If I were to re-live those days, I might have handled the situations in a less harmful way, but regardless, I would have still…

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It is Valentine’s Day 2020.

Yesterday, I tried to kill myself.

I was sitting in the car. My Waze is pulled up for the famous jumping bridge on I-435 over the Missouri river. I had just fed my bunnies and my guinea pig. All was set.

For 6 years I was in a toxic relationship — mutually toxic. We were both codependent, had addiction issues, and became abusive. Have you ever watched the Jerry Springer show on TV? Take out the cheating parts, the rest of screaming, fighting and extreme drama was our daily routine.

Finally, I decided it was…

Sometimes you just have to take that leap.

Here is a simple fact of life: words will turn into reality if you say it enough.

As a result: if we keep telling ourselves we are not ready, then we never will be. It doesn’t matter how much “preparation work” we are doing on the side, or how much we are learning before we make that crucial change in life.

If we say we are not ready, we needed to wait, and we are looking for that turning point, we will never be ready.

a cat getting ready to step into the wor
a cat getting ready to step into the wor
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When I was 3, I fell down…

Are we that afraid of romance and fantasies?

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A few years ago, there used to be a song that sang like this:

Cinderella are you really that happy?

Cinderella are you really that lucky?

I wanna know is your life like a dream.

I don’t know since when people started to have such a big problem with Disney princesses.

As for the song mentioned above — Yes, I personally loved it.

But I was also bothered by the hint of questioning a fairytale that was meant for beauty and happiness. Surely nothing was 100% sweet happy ever after in the real life.

But come-on.

How sad are you…

I’m not normal. I’m still crazy. But I learned to make peace with myself.

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There was a period in my life when I wouldn’t dare to look at myself in the mirror.

Every time I saw my reflection, I saw this empty shell. I had a vague idea of what was beyond that emptiness, and it scared me.

The last time I was at my therapist’s place, he asked when was the last time I cut myself. Out of auto-reaction, I lied. I said it was two years ago. I had been cautious lately and only to make shallow cuts that looked like an ordinary scratch.

As trained as my therapist was, he did…

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NOT a teacher, a blogger, or a marketer, or an entrepreneur!

Okay. There. I said it.

Someone will be offended.

Someone will throw out the term: artrepreneurship. Or easier: entrepreneurship, and argue with that classic tagline: Good artists don’t starve.

Hey, I agree. Good artists shouldn’t starve.

But that has nothing to do with running your art like a business, chasing after the market, spending your energy on making money and self-branding.


And this is not only about painting, but artists by the general definition. This even includes writers, to be honest.

Now, let me clarify something.

Should an artist, regardless of his or her field, promote his or her…

A lot of people love my art but feel reluctant to have it in their house.



Well, even my own parents call my art psychotic and messed-up. My mother, after years of denying my identity as an artist, came to me asking for a painting now that I had been exhibited in quite a few shows.

But here’s what she said:

“Can you give me a free painting so I can show you off? And tell people my daughter’s an artist? Oh, but make sure you give me something nice, you know — none of your regular crazy…

Ai Wei Wei’s famous bicycle installment.

The name everybody thinks about when speaking of Contemporary Chinese Art is Ai Wei Wei. He and his sunflower seeds, and the grand installments made of individual units has always been the center of the Chinese art topic, whereas his political struggle and rebellion adds more spices to his art.

On the other hand, an increasing number of Chinese artists have stepped onto the global stage in the past few decades. Although China is still frequently known as the communist country with oppression and somewhat of a xenophobia, its art scene has never stopped growing.

In this day and age…

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On one of these days — one of my worse days, I tend to think about the things I’m doing.

And if they truly matter at all.

My body is a water jar too full to jingle. Every movement could lead to a spill: a breakdown, a panic attack, a screaming melt.

I have never believed in psycho-therapy, and I have never turned my brain chemicals to artificial medications. I have no more faith in these resolutions than in my own sanity.

I am sick, I am crazy. That is a fact. As less as it shows on the surface…

Xiao Faria da Cunha | writer | artist | biz owner | Giving one of the oldest cultures in the world a new narrative.

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